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Transforming Homeownership with AI: A Conversation with Tim Mifsud

By February 16, 2024April 16th, 2024No Comments

Tim Mifsud, former banker turned tech innovator, discusses his journey from the corporate world to leading digital experiences at HOPE. Learn how he plans to leverage AI to revolutionise the HOPE experience for investors and homeowners.


You bring to HOPE Housing a breadth of experience after two decades in the banking and mortgage industry. Can you tell us about some of the pivotal moments in your career that have led up to your decision to join HOPE?

My journey through private banking at Bankwest and later as NSW state manager for Yellow Brick Road underscored the importance of customer-centricity and understanding individual motivations. It was during my time at Police Bank where I was introduced to HOPE and became intrigued by its potential to reshape the home ownership financing landscape . Over the last 10 or so years I witnessed firsthand and been frustrated by the limitations of traditional mortgage products in supporting Australians’ homeownership dreams.

You have believed in the HOPE mission from the very start. What was it about HOPE that really connected with you?

HOPE’s pioneering vision of integrating equity with mortgages struck a chord with me. The prospect of democratising homeownership by offering a viable solution to address housing affordability challenges was both compelling and inspiring.

Your decision to transition from senior roles in banking to a purpose-driven organisation like HOPE is significant. What motivated this shift?

My desire to make a tangible difference led me to explore opportunities in the fintech space. HOPE’s innovative approach, coupled with its potential for meaningful impact, resonated deeply with me. Collaborating with HOPE’s CEO Tim Buskens, I was energised by the prospect of leveraging the best technology like Microsoft Dynamics and Co-pilot to scale operations efficiently and enhance user experiences.  My banking knowledge has been invaluable in helping design the useful onboarding process both with the bank and the homeowner.

What does homeownership signify to you personally?

For me, homeownership embodies financial security, choice, and a pathway to building generational wealth. As a father, I’m acutely aware of the challenges my small children may face in 20 years’ time in accessing the property market. Solutions like HOPE offer hope for now and also future generations to realise their homeownership aspirations.

What are your aspirations for the individuals and families served by HOPE?

My ultimate goal is to empower HOPE’s clients on their path to complete homeownership by guiding them through the process of buying out the HOPE share over time. I have always had a deep desire to help people achieve their homeownership dreams and achieve financial security.

How do you envision your role contributing to the realisation of these hopes and dreams?

HOPE is poised to revolutionise the homeownership experience. Success, for me, is synonymous with delivering exceptional user experiences through our Homebase platform. I am aiming to ensure everyone knows HOPE for offering cutting-edge technology that delivers unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction and advocacy.

Want to ask some questions about investing in HOPE, why not book a call with Jessica Ellerm our Head of Investor Relations or maybe you are ready to invest now.