We’ll get you home

With HOPE as a co-investor, essential workers can now afford to own a home close to work.

Buy Closer

Your job is vital, so it’s important that you live close to work. Now you can. Say goodbye to those long commutes.

Buy Sooner

With our backing, you only need a loan for part of the home. So seriously start looking for the right place, right now.

Buy Together

You can now buy the home you want, where you want. Together, we share the investment and the profits.

See how HOPE works

Love where you live as much as your job

The cost of housing keeps increasing, and so does your commute. As an essential worker, you’re continually pushed further away from your work, from your family, and the communities who rely on you.

HOPE is here, putting home ownership within reach for everyday heroes.

As your co-investor, we split the investment and slash the cost of funding the loan for you. You’re on the title, the house is yours. There’s no fees or on-going payments to us, we only make our money back when you want to buy us out or sell the property.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. We’re a not-for-profit organisation that just wants to see essential workers do well. We see property as a good investment, and you as an even better one. 

Our communities need you…

…and you need a home close to work

The 5 Steps from HOPE to HOME


Check with our banking partner to see if you prequalify


Submit your details to HOPE for approval


Start looking in your new maximum price range


Put in an offer and get a thumbs up from us


Some final paperwork and congrats, you’re a home owner!
Own sweet home

We are about to launch our pilot program with selected bank lenders. If you’re an essential worker keen on finally owning a home close to your work, stay in touch to find out when the program becomes available. You can get updates on LinkedIn, just Follow Us. We will also be posting updates here as we get closer to launch.

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible for help from HOPE?

If you’re currently an essential worker looking to buy a home in Greater Sydney region, then you are eligible to apply for the HOPE Solution (some conditions apply). If two of you are buying the property, only one of you needs to be an essential worker.

What do you term an "Essential worker”?

  • Police officers, ambulance officers, firefighters, paramedics, rescue workers or other emergency service workers who are first responders
  • Nurses, allied health workers, school teachers, social workers and ministers of religion, transport workers, cleaners
  • Defence force personnel, border force, prison guards
  • If you believe you are an essential worker and your job role is not listed above, please get in contact with us to see if we can help you.

Is there an income limit?

There are no income limits to be eligible for a co-investment under the HOPE Solution.

Is it for auctions or private sales only?

You can purchase a home via an auction or a private sale.

Can I buy whatever I want?

For now, your home will need to be an established property located in the Greater Sydney region (later, we plan to expand).

With all purchases there are various inspections that HOPE will need to ensure are performed (valuation, pest and building etc) before giving approval for you to sign a contract for sale, and confirming a maximum bid or purchase price. The cost of these inspections will need to be covered by you, even in the case where you don’t secure the purchase.

Can I sell my home at any time?

Yes. If you wish to sell your home, you need to advise your lender first and they will liaise with HOPE on your behalf. HOPE will arrange a valuation to determine the current market value and minimum sale price.

What if I get relocated for work after buying my home?

You have two main options:

  • you could sell the current home and buy another in your new work location. HOPE can potentially help again (so long as you still meet the eligibility criteria)
  • you could rent out your current home, for a limited time agreed with HOPE.

What happens if the value of my home goes down?

With HOPE as your co-investor, we share in both gains and losses. These gains and losses are shared based on the investment proportions paid by you and HOPE when the home was purchased.

So if HOPE contributed, say, 40% of the property purchase price, then HOPE receives 40% of the property sale price (assuming there haven’t been any buyouts or other changes along the way). It doesn’t matter whether that sale price is higher or lower than what you bought the property for, HOPE still receives its percentage share.
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