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HOPE secures Australia–first fund rating

By February 14, 2024February 15th, 2024No Comments

HOPE is the first ever shared equity residential property fund in Australia to obtain a rating, with Evergreen Ratings recently completing their assessment and resolving we can meet our goals to deliver strong financial and social return to investors.

Tim Buskens, the CEO of HOPE, welcomed the rating as a significant acknowledgment for the newly established fund. “This result shows the shared equity model we have developed is a win for both homeowners and investors. To be the first fund of its kind to receive a rating reflects HOPE’s robust asset valuation solution and asset selection process,” Buskens said.

“HOPE is an operating workable solution to the housing affordability crisis facing essential workers – and other middle-income workers who are being excluded by existing government and private schemes,” Buskens said.

Evergreen’s independent analysis saw strengths in the HOPE Fund through its access to demonstrable social impact investing, ability to create access to an asset class not typically available to investors at scale, and significant input to substantial investment decisions by the Investor Advisory Committee.

Evergreen Director and Founder, Angela Ashton, said she is pleased to have provided HOPE Housing with its first Fund rating. “Evergreen’s independent analysis highlights HOPE’s robust asset valuation solution, strategic asset selection process, and the notable social impact it creates. This rating affirms HOPE’s position as a leader in social impact investing, providing investors with access to capital growth and diversification benefits in the residential property market,” Ashton said.

The evaluation commended how the HOPE fund enables investors to gain exposure to the capital growth associated with the residential property market, and capture diversification benefits from an asset class conventionally uncorrelated to standard asset classes.

Through careful asset selection, investors in HOPE’s fund can unlock access to potentially superior residential returns, as opposed to traditional property investing.

According to CoreLogic’s most recent national overview of residential properties sold for a nominal loss or gain, returns on owner-occupier properties have seen a ‘far greater rate of profitability than investors’ through not only the September 2023 quarter but in the quarters prior.

This further validates HOPE as a ground-breaking approach to investing in owner-occupied residential real estate, while simultaneously addressing a vital social issue.

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