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Essential Workers' Challenges with Housing Affordability in Sydney

Discover the intricate web of challenges faced by essential workers in the heart of Sydney as we delve into the housing landscape, commuting patterns, and affordability hurdles. Our insightful infographic, bolstered by a 2023 study conducted for HOPE Housing by researchers at The University of Sydney, sheds light on the critical issues that impact those who play a vital role in our community. For instance, in Sydney alone, over 36,000 essential workers are currently living in overcrowded homes, marking a notable increase from 2016. Furthermore, the data reveals that over 52,000 essential workers in Sydney are currently experiencing housing stress, whether due to mortgage or rental pressures.

Explore this information to gain deeper insights into the unique circumstances that shape the housing journey for essential workers in Sydney.

Insights into How Sydney’s Essential Workers Are Living

Housing Affordability Infographic - Sydney